CREATE your own "Pixelhead", an avatar or character stylized in 8 bit pixelated fun and rendered from the beautiful Bobbleshop images. Stretch, rotate and move thousands of parts and accessories in hundreds of colors. Make a Pixelhead from scratch or create a random one!

COLLECT & PLAY with Pixelheads AND Bobbles from your friends. Download Bobbles from the Bobbleshop™ Popular Bobbles wall and it will automatically be PIXELIZED and that you can play with, modify and accessorize. Save your Collection of Pixelheads on your device. Even save an image of your Pixelheads as a contact or into your photo album that you can share on your Photo Stream.

SHARE your Pixelhead with everyone. Email a Pixelhead character that your friends can play with, modify, accessorize. Tweet a picture of your Pixelhead directly on Twitter. Post a picture directly to Facebook. Post a picture of your Pixelhead to the online Gallery and get featured in the app on the Popular page .