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I'm trying to purchase bobbleshop, but I am told there's not enough space to download it.
I have 1.4 GB space free on my iPhone 4s. Any suggestions?

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do on our side in compressing the size of the app any more than what is on the App Store. However, we did find some help in the Apple Support Communities and Discussion Forums that might assist in addressing the same issue it sounds like you are having. We have listed the links below.

"There is not enough available storage to download these items" 

"iOS: Not enough free space alert when trying to sync"

How do I import and export my Bobble between Bobbleshop apps?

Basically a .dna file is created when you email your creation. You can e-mail your work to yourself. (This is also a good way to preserve your work incase you lose your collection for any reason.) When in the e-mail, touch the attached .dna file and you will be prompted to open it in either the Bobbleshop, Pixelheads or Basebobble app. Make sure you save it to your collection.
*Bobbleshop Lite does not have this functionality.